365 Life Shifts: Shifting Consciousness

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I’m so excited to announce the release of a brand-new book, 365 Life Shifts. It contains 365 personal stories of pivotal moments that changed everything! Over 250 beautiful souls all around the world are part of it, including me!

This special book is filled with over 450 pages of such positive, loving energy, and we know that it’s going to be so uplifting for so many. Topics include: finding the strength to go down a new path, saying yes or no to a relationship, bravely living authentically, receive from beyond, and everyday moments that were infused with extraordinary soulfulness that shifted the author’s life. All of the stories are intended to uplift, inspire, and remind you of just how magical and far reaching a life shift can truly be.

In my piece, “Shifting Consciousness,” I share how I shifted from depression and “suddenly saw life from a completely different dimension. I had no idea what was happening to me or why, but I could see/sense Divinity everywhere. I felt connected to the trees and all of nature, alive with consciousness. I saw everyone as part of the Divine.”

If you want to read this piece – and 364 others – I hope you’ll check out this wonderful book. Order your copies today right here.  It makes a great gift for friends, family, and anyone else who loves to be inspired and amazed…including yourself!

Watch for my book, “Awakening Consciousness – Finding a Larger Version of Self,” the exciting personal story of my spiritual awakening which is coming soon at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Balboa Press.

I’m so excited to share this book with you. So much love has gone into it, and I can’t wait for you to take all of that love into your heart!

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