Wholeness: Integrating Your 4 bodies

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4 Lower Bodies

Who you really are is so much more than your physical body. You are even more than your 4 lower bodies. You already know this or you would not be interested in reading this blog. There are many energy fields that make up your being. The existence of some of these bodies are as yet unknown to you.

In this blog a primary concern is the balancing of the four lower bodies. It is an important key to achieving wholeness. When all your bodies are balanced and in alignment you are better connected with Source energy and everything is possible. Life flows with ease. You achieve happiness.

It is important to understand the relationship of your four lower bodies. They are how you create your life experience during this time of humanness. Your four lower bodies interpenetrate each other and envelope you, connecting with your seven energy centers also referred to as chakras.

  1. The Physical body has the densest energy vibration of life force. It provides you the vehicle for to interact with matter in the physical plane.
  2. The Mental body is your thinking mind. Once you elevate your mental body, it is one with the Mind of God and is the Christ mind, or Higher Consciousness.
  3. The Emotional body records your emotions, reflects your desires, and is the tuning fork that directs your path back home to higher planes.
  4. The Spiritual or Etheric body holds the highest vibrating energies of these bodies. It contains the blueprint of your true self that is one with the Divine Source.

Happiness comes from being internally consistent and in alignment within the four bodies. You will find as you bring your physical, mental and emotional parts into alignment with your spiritual body greater joy, peace and love in your life. There are many different ways to accomplish this. But it all starts with your thoughts.

As the masters say, “What you think and feel you bring into form; where your thought is there you are, for you are your consciousness; and what you meditate upon, you become.”—the Ascended Master Saint Germain



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