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Hello Butterfly

Hello Butterfly


Lindsay Godfree

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Life Coach, Certified Trainer of Infinite Possibilities, freelance writer, award winning photographer, and creator of The Consciousness Guide.

Hello there reader, Welcome to the Consciousness Guide! I am so excited to send out posts of inspiration, beauty, and a distillation of many diversified paths to greater consciousness. This is a co-creation between you and me. I can feel you there dear reader. I would not have been inspired to write if the readers did not already exist. I welcome your feedback and questions on the material. I will provide many links to more information including reviews of books, movies and other resources if you want to research on your own. The ultimate mission of this blog is to help you become aligned with your our Higher Self. To encourage you to establish your own connection to Source where you can ask and get direct inspiration from the Universe, God, or whatever you think of as a Higher Power. As your intuition and faith grows with open expectancy you will be amazed at the answers that will come to you to direct your life to ultimate happiness. With much love and appreciation, Lindsay

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