Consciously Searching for Love

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hidden heartWe all share in a common search for Love and happiness. Why do so many feel unfulfilled in these things? Is what we seek unavailable or are we looking in the wrong places? The answers can be found in exploring our beliefs, feelings and dreams.

In our dreams we envision that love and happiness can only come in very specific ways. We defeat yourselves by believing that one certain person, series of events or circumstances are the magic of love. We require specific displays to prove that love exists. Expand your thinking! Accept the many ways that love could look, feel, and be manifested.

Many people hold the belief that love will come to them like a fairy tale story. They dream that someday love will arrive. That is what I thought and believed. I expected a great love story—love at first sight, my “twin flame” to show up in my life and sweep me off my feet. My expectation did actually manifest just like that but unfortunately it was an illusion of my own creation and my love partner was not having the same hallucination I was.

Many years and heartaches later I realize that no one was going to make me feel loved. Love is an inside job, it cannot be pressed upon you. No matter how much love surrounds you—if you do not feel loveable, you won’t be able to feel it. People may try to prove their feelings for you but YOU are the one—the only one—who can feel the love, they cannot make you. Very interesting right?

So change your beliefs about what love is. Start believing that when you exchange smiles, kind words, and acts of kindness with others there is an energy exchange that is love. Start doing things for others and giving of your time and talents. Have gratitude. You will begin to feel the love. You will start to RADIATE love. Others will see it and will be drawn to that love.

Suddenly like magic, you will be surrounded with loving people who are reflecting the love you feel inside right back at you. It is not outside you. No one is going to bring it to you. YOU ARE LOVE. You create love in your own heart! Claim the love that is already yours!

Love doesn’t come from the outside. It never has and it never will. True love is only your reflection aimed back to you, seen in another’s eyes.” ~ Lindsay Godfree

Our desire for love–viewed in the bigger picture–is actually a yearning for connection with Source energy. We actually desire something we already have, Oneness with creation and the creator. Everything in creation is ultimately pure consciousness. Become conscious of the love within and you will see it everywhere. Wake up, stop living the line from the country song that goes “looking for love in all the wrong places.” Look within your heart, love IS there, truly.

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  1. Lindsay Godfree

    Thank you Christine!
    Other useful affirmations for Valentines from Louise Hay:
    I AM love in action. I now deserve love, romance, and joy–and all the good that Life has to offer me. I am surrounded by love. All is well!

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